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Another avenue of investigation is our webmaster tools. Using this toolset lets us see how Google sees and interprets your website.


Page errors and navigational errors are flagged up enabling us to address these issues making your website for search engine friendly.


We can also look at search term data which informs us what people are looking for and how your website is ranking for those search terms.


SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Information is everything!

At Quay websites we like hard facts. Firstly we will study your website to ascertain what traffic is coming to the website and where that traffic is coming from. and if its local to Gloucester or Cheltenham We will check the existing page rank so we can monitor the results of our SEO program.


Once we have all the facts and figures we will then do a keyword analasyis to find the best keywords to target for your business and SEO plan.


Google analytics

Web design and SEO Gloucester

We use Google analytics to look at the traffic data to your website, this gives us key information in the following areas:




This shows us how many visitors your website gets daily,

weekly, monthly and annually. Knowing the existing website

traffic can help us ascertain the best SEO program and give

you hard facts on what progress has been made by using

our SEO services.


Other information gained from this section are:


  • Demographics

  • Device used to view website

  • Language selected




Acquisition provides information relating to how people came to find your website, organic, direct, referral or social networks. Know where visitors are coming from helps us promote your website in untapped areas on the internet.




Looking at how people interact with your website and analysing which pages are visited helps us understand the navigational properties of your website. We can also track the amount of time visitors spend on your website. If you are getting a 1000 visitors a day but they only spend 4 seconds on your website those visitors are worthless, quality can often be better than quantity.

Webmaster tools


We also check your websites page rank. Google ranks websites on a 1 to 10 scale which helps it deliver quality content at the top of google. Page rank is increased in a number of ways but most importantly having strong credible backlinks from other websites that have a high page rank.


Knowing what your page rank is helps us implement SEO strategies. Many websites never achieve a page rank but still rank highly for their search terms.

Page rank

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